You Know You’re German If…

  • You separate your trash into more than five different bins.
  • Your front door has a sign with your family name made from salt dough.
  • You eat a cold dinner at 6pm.
  • You call your cell phone „handy“ and a projector „beamer“.
  • You have no problems with nude beaches and saunas.
  • You are shocked when you have to pay for dental care.
  • You own a pair of jeans in a color other than blue.
  • People start talking about Hitler and Hofbräuhaus when you tell them where you’re from.
  • You work 40 hour weeks and have 6 weeks of vacation a year, but complain about hard times.
  • You yell at people for jaywalking.
  • You think college tuition is an outrage.
  • You wear brown leather shoes.
  • You have ended an English sentence with „…, or?“.
  • You can tell at least one Manta joke.
  • You spent hours in school learning to pronounce „th“.
  • You complain that in other countries everything is dirty.

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